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John, looks like lots of fun! You will definitely be a popular booth. Thanks so much for accommodating us for the wedding. The wedding was great! Lots of kilts and bag pipes! Attached is a picture of Steve and Eli sporting your kilts.

The guys love the shirts! Thanks for your willingness to accommodate us! The boys discovered the other t-shirts on your website and are now wondering if they would be able to get the High Cross shirts. We've been having a lot of fun on your site, and the boys (I use "boys" loosely as they are 18 and 20) are even more determined to have "real" kilts one of these days, and the 17 year old history guru is looking forward to researching that in regards to tartan. Very familiar with Lindstrom. Glad to be giving business to a hometown company!

Johnny - the order process on the SRA website for 2012 Siouxland Renaissance Faire shirts worked great!! I'm so glad that we can do this before faire. We can be human billboards!!

  - "3 Celts & Company" Oct 19, 2011
Karen Miiller - "I've had some great comments on my 10th Anniversary Siouxland Renaissance T-shirt I've been wearing around Sioux Falls!!! Thanks for specializing the back for me...Great idea to do this!!!! Thank you!!!"   See it on Fb.